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Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate are UK Champions

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate won the Grade 1 UK Pipe Band Championships in Lurgan, Northern Ireland on Saturday, with the drum corps under new Leading Drummer Kerr McQuillan placing second.

This was the band's first major championship win under P/M Ross Harvey, and the band's first since 2012. In favourable conditions, the band played it's Joanna's Hornpipe medley in what was an extremely high standard of contest.

The build up and performance will be featured in Episode 2 of the new Vloghall series, and we were extremely grateful to John Hughes and his stewarding & adjudicating staff who allowed the band to film from inside the arena.

You can watch an excellent quality recording of the band's performance below, with many thanks to Dronechorus:

Below is a video of the band marching off with the trophy, courtesy of the Big Rab Show:

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Unknown member
Aug 22, 2023

My name is David Friedman, I'm from Minnesota, USA. I just HAPPENED across the news earlier this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a THRILL!!!!!!! You are one of my favourite Bands, and I have been Praying for YEARS for you to win The Worlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Freaking Thrill. Watching your "Piping off the Field" video simply brought Tears to my eyes, and I just wanted to Scream my freaking head off - but I didn't want to scare my condo neighbors. So I just went outside later and did it...

(: God Bless You Guys -and here's to more World Championships.

Alba gu Brath.

Boghall gu Brath!

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